Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Zach Sagen


Reservoir Dogs just might be Quentin Tarantino best film

It's not often that a filmmakers best film is also there first but this case might actually...

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JAWS: Ingredients for a Blockbuster

There are no perfect films out there. There is always a little something that can be improved, whether it be a better...

Kirk Cameron and his Maskless Caroling Events

Kirk Cameron has been getting a lot of attention lately in the news and on social media. He hosted another maskless caroling...

The Sounds of the Holiday, Composer Chad Rehmann Discusses Paramount Network’s Dashing in December and More

The holiday season is in full swing and while many things are different this year, one thing that remains the same are...

Re-examining Star Trek: The Next Generation – “The Game”

Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered in 1987. After a very shaky first two years, the crew gained its footing and created some...

Entertainment Mixup Rules & Introduction

Do you enjoy movies and TV? Would you like to win a $25 Gift Card? Well...
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