Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Nikki Nintr

Nikki is a longtime film enthusiast, having a love for movies from as far back as she can remember. Now a screenwriter and filmmaker herself, she lives and breathes all things movie related.

Reflections of a Private Eye – One Chick’s Movie Review

In my days as a movie lover, I've seen my fair share of films that range from top tier to absolutely dreadful (still looking...

Infliction: Extended Cut – One Chick’s Game Review

I'm a gamer. A HUGE gamer. And while my preference of film is largely in the realm of Drama, particularly the kind that rip...

The Top 15 Most Emotional Movies of All Time

Admit it. We’ve all cried at the movies. Whether it’s at home, curled into the comfort of a warm blanket with your cat, or...

The Top 11 Most Attractive Actors of the 90’s

There’s been plenty of sexy actors over the years, throughout countless decades of film, but has there ever been a sexier time than the...

Top 10 Best Released Movies of 2019

2019 was a year of ups and downs in cinema. For every excellent film, there were at least three bad ones, possibly more. And,...

Ford V. Ferrari – One Chick’s Movie Review

As someone who had never been interested in racing much before, I was rather reluctant to see this film. Though I absolutely love cars,...

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