There’s been plenty of sexy actors over the years, throughout countless decades of film, but has there ever been a sexier time than the 90’s? Any of us who grew up in that era, myself included, may even remember having a poster of your personal favorite on your wall. A seemingly dead tradition, now replaced with plastering images on your social media walls instead of your real ones. Ah, memories. Here’s my list of the 11 most attractive actors of the 90’s, based not only on their appearance, but just how far they’ve come today. Why 11? Well, because 10 just isn’t enough. Enjoy!

11. Johnny Depp

Cry-Baby from Johnny Depp's Best Roles | E! News
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Widely revered as being at the top of most sexiest actor lists, he’s barely made it on mine for a variety of reasons. Though he definitely earned kudos for his fabulous acting and devilishly handsome portrayals of characters in The Astronaut’s Wife, Cry-Baby and Donnie Brasco, his recent years have downgraded him from “sexiest” to “just sexy”. His blatant encouragement of recreational drug use and his violent tendencies, as well as destroying his family to pursue a much younger woman with whom he later had a very public dispute about domestic violence (Let’s face it; NONE of us know what happened behind closed doors between those two), have left a bad taste in my mouth. But he can still be pretty to look at, I’ll give him that.

10. Michael Madsen

Michael Madsen Didn't Want 'Reservoir Dogs' Role Because of Tim ...
(Reservoir Dogs, Miramax Pictures)

Okay, so he’s not exactly the definition of “Hollywood” by most standards now, with his questionable role choices, but take a look at how handsome he is! Not only that, but check out some of the phenomenal films he’s been in just in the course of the 90’s. From the kindhearted helper and understanding lover in Thelma & Louise, and his turn as the brilliant Mr. Blonde in Reservoir Dogs, it’s impossible to ignore just how sexy he can be.

9. Leonardo DiCaprio

How Old Was Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Titanic'? Plus More Facts About ...
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Yet another one of our most attractive actors to have fallen from the top ranks due to recent actions. While he’s still one of the most respected actors in the world, and earned an Oscar for his turn in The Revenant, it’s not easy seeing him date progressively younger women in his search for youth as he ages so ungraciously. Though he’s still an attractive man, he’s no comparison to our beloved Jack Dawson from Titanic, and no one can deny that their heart flipped a little when they first laid eyes upon him in that film.

8. Denzel Washington

The Hurricane review (1999) Denzel Washington - Qwipster's Movie ...
(The Hurricane, Universal Pictures)

Denzel’s rise to fame was one of legends, charting a path all his own as he played characters of such emotional depth that you could literally see the thriving, beating heart of each one through his eyes. Impassioned for acting almost as much as he is with ensuring Hollywood brings diversity and knowledge to the forefront of entertainment, he makes every one of us inspired from the moment he graces the screen. With films like The Hurricane, Malcolm X, and Philadelphia, he managed to find his way into our hearts. But it wasn’t until his role in Training Day that I realized how sexy being bad could be. Continuing today as a man of respect, dignity, and continued dedication to important matters, he’s easily still one of the sexiest men in Hollywood.

7. Matt Damon

Review and analysis: Good Will Hunting
(Good Will Hunting, Miramax)

Making a name for himself as “the average guy” with Good Will Hunting, he put forth so much heart in every film he made from there on out that there was no way to not notice him. Slowly earning his rightful spot in Hollywood by careful selection of roles like The Talented Mr. Ripley, but also livening up his career with dashes of comedy and action, he didn’t earn his spot on the cover of magazines until he took on the daunting task of becoming Jason Bourne. But taking a look back at his career, it’s apparent he was there all along, with all his sexiness just ready to be acknowledged. For those questioning whether he’s still capable of making proper career moves (even after Hereafter and We Bought A Zoo…), just watch Ford V. Ferrari.

6. Tom Cruise

The Towering Narcissism of Jerry Maguire | The New Yorker
(Jerry Maguire, Sony Pictures)

Turning from a relatively goofy kid in Risky Business to a matured and authentic actor in the span of a few short years, Tom made so many films in the 90’s that you couldn’t go to a movie theatre without seeing him. From Interview with the Vampire and The Firm to Jerry Maguire and Mission Impossible, he made something for everyone, and found himself topping lists in just about every fandom. I mean, is there really anyone who can deny having wanted to be Mrs. Cruise at one point in their life? That is, of course, until we saw him jumping on a certain someone’s couch…

5. Bruce Willis

Die Hard | NFK
(Die Hard, 20th Century Fox)

One of the kindest, most gracious actors the world over, he’s been sexy for plenty of years. While his current films have been less-than-stellar, that can’t undo the magnificent roles he played throughout the 90’s and even 2000’s. With Die Hard being his most renowned role, and the harbinger of his sexiness, it’s still not easy to overlook his parts in The Fifth Element, The Jackal, 12 Monkeys and Pulp Fiction. Still a great guy to this day, with his wonderful disposition toward Demi Moore and their children, and his philanthropic efforts, he makes bald sexy. Personally, I think all of us should write a letter into 20th Century Fox, cussing them out for leaving a 5-minute scene of Bruce in the nude from Die Hard on the cutting room floor. Bastards!

4. Brad Pitt

Meet Joe Black' Scene With Brad Pitt Was Even Crazier Than It Looks
(Meet Joe Black, Universal Pictures)

From the moment he appeared on screen in Thelma & Louise, anyone with a beating heart was smitten. In spite of his bad boy actions that basically damned the namesake girls on their roadtrip from hell, he found his way into the highest class of sexy with his gyrating hips and pristine face. From there, his attractiveness only improved with turns in films like Interview with the Vampire and especially Meet Joe Black. Over the years, as life has taken its toll on all of us, he’s held up well to the weathering (so long as we can all ignore the beard bead time period…) and still holds himself in a place of respect amongst Hollywood’s elite. Now, if you can imagine him not having 30 or so kids…

3. Ray Liotta

Ray Liotta Answers All Your Burning 'Goodfellas' Questions
(Goodfellas, Warner Bros.)

“There it is, Karen!” Who can forget the slow pan up to reveal America’s hottest gangster in Goodfellas? With eyes as clear as crystal and hair styled to perfection, Ray stood out against the backdrop of angsty and aggressive Italians with his devilish charm and striking persona. As he aged, and truly came into his sexiness in Unlawful Entry, he earned a top ranking spot in this list of the sexiest men of the 90’s. Continuing to carry on his kindhearted disposition and never selling out to remain at the top of his game, he’s still sexy to this day.

2. Keanu Reeves

Pin on Evergreen KR
(Speed. 20th Century Fox )

No list would be complete without the impeccably good looks and stunning personality that is Keanu Reeves. Love him or hate him, you can’t count him out of the most attractive actors, not only of the 90’s, but of all time. He starred in a number of films from the decade, including Speed, The Devil’s Advocate and Point Break, but his appearance in The Matrix was really the role that cemented him as an action star for the coming century. With his continued dedication to movies like John Wick, and his return to The Matrix franchise imminent, he’s easily one of the most sexy stars out there. And that personality of his sure does help.

1. Tim Robbins 

The Shawshank Redemption | HD Windows Wallpapers
(The Shawshank Redemption, Castle Rock)

What can I say? Tim was, and still is, the most attractive actor to have come from the 90’s. In my opinion, anyway. His imposing height, his baby face, his blue eyes and his sincerity, all combined with his truly wonderful personality and his undying devotion to the betterment of society for everyone, make him the top ranking sexy star of the 90’s and today. After his role in The Shawshank Redemption put him on the map, he followed it up with countless other roles that made deep impacts with everyone. Nothing to Lose had us all laughing, Arlington Road made us question how much we trust anyone, and Mystic River broke our hearts. I can’t think of a more versatile actor who manages to keep his roles and his personal life separate. A good father, a stellar partner to Susan Sarandon for many years, and a valiant ally in the most important matters facing the current world (see Dark Waters for an example), his sexiness goes far deeper than his appearance. The world needs more people like Tim.

And that’s my list of the most attractive actors of the 90’s! Agree? Disagree? Let me know! 

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