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In my days as a movie lover, I’ve seen my fair share of films that range from top tier to absolutely dreadful (still looking at you, Gemini Man…) In that time, I’ve learned how to have an appreciation for films, no matter their budget or cast. I’ve seen plenty of horrendous films with stellar casts and a budget in the millions, and I’ve also seen a good number of excellent films from the ether of relative anonymity. And one such film was Reflections of a Private Eye.

Below is my review for this excellent film.

A private eye reflects on a case wherein a woman asks him to look in on her husband, whom she suspects is having an affair. He gets more than he bargained for, however, when the case turns deadly, and no one is as they seem.


The noir detective genre is one that’s gone largely untouched by Hollywood for far too long, leaving these types of films in the past like a late model Chevy. So when I come across one that manages to be succinctly different, with the perfect “feel” that you need from a film of such a genre, it’s only right to share that with everyone.

The general story is something we’ve seen before, and yet it somehow feels completely new and different through Reflections. Starting with a hook that keeps you interested until the end, and entrancing you by being something you not only see and hear, but feel, it’s a must-watch for any fan of detective films.


Shot with the finesse of an independent lens and rocking a style all its own, Reflections manages to distinguish itself from other films of the same genre with a unique way of angling shots and highlighting key story elements. With clever usage of lighting and the scattering of close ups used for effect, it never treads too closely to other films and stands out with its own flair.

Utilizing mirror shots (a personal favorite of mine) to illustrate a literal “reflection” and making detective work feel like a sexy trip through a smoky jazz club, Reflections feels fresh and unique with touches of nostalgia for the movies of yesteryear.


Held entirely upon the capable shoulders of the lead, Karl J. Claridge, you’re able to immerse yourself fully into the world in which the story is set. Claridge plays his own game in terms of acting skills and somehow manages to keep the film from feeling like a cliched knockoff of other films in the genre.

The talented actors on board create a fresh new feeling with Reflections that isn’t found anywhere else. Claridge even manages to deliver some of the greatest, most intentionally over-the-top lines with the classiness of Bogart. There’s plenty of catchphrases to be found in this film, and I may even start using a few in my daily life. Not many actors are capable of narrating the entire film without sounding like a tired trope, and yet Claridge does so with a flashiness like Ray Liotta.

Sound Design

Superb sound is one of the many things that made this film a real knockout. The music was sexy, jazzy, and timely, and fit perfectly with the story being told, etching it with an entire feeling of noir detective work.

All in all, this is definitely a fun film to check out if you’re in the mood for a good old fashioned noir detective story with a twist. The acting was stellar, the filming style unique, and the pacing is just steady enough to keep you intrigued to the very end. Superb work. The best way to have spent a mere 40 minutes of my time.

If you want to check the film out for yourself, here’s a link to purchase it via Amazon, or to watch for free on Prime:

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Written by Nikki Nintr

Nikki is a longtime film enthusiast, having a love for movies from as far back as she can remember. Now a screenwriter and filmmaker herself, she lives and breathes all things movie related.

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